Your Journey As A Chiropractic Entrepreneur Begins Here.

Your Journey As A Chiropractic Entrepreneur Begins Here.

Your Journey As A Chiropractic Entrepreneur Begins Here.

Reaching your potential brings you the freedom to run your practice
the way you want

Does that mean gaining more patients and more profit? Or more time to spend pursuing other dreams? It’s up to you.

The first step to reaching your potential begins with a clear vision and recognizing the obstacles in your way.

Every chiropractor faces challenges.

In an 2020 industry survey, chiropractors identified top problems with their practices. The biggest challenges included problems with patients, followed by problems managing the business.

Patient failure to follow the plan

Information overload

Lack of new patients and slow growth

Difficulty managing processes

Third party payer abuse

What’s your
biggest challenge?

Take this 10-minute assessment to identify the obstacles that are holding your practice back. We’ll tell you your Chiropractic Entrepreneur Score.

Kaizenovate can help you achieve the freedom you want.

Reaching your potential isn’t something you have to do on your own. Kaizenovate provides the education, technology, and consultation expertise to help you grow your practice and enjoy being a chiropractor.

Kanvas App Development

Drive new patients and improve adherence by creating remarkable experiences for your patients with a custom-built mobile app.

Online Education

Build your practice infrastructure for maximum growth.


Get answers to your most challenging questions with personalized guidance.

Live Speaking Events

Stay on top of the newest trends in healthcare, technology, and business.

“The clinic app has literally revolutionized our practice!

As a Chiropractic Practice Manager for more than 15 years I can attest this app saves us time, energy, makes us money and simplifies all we do for our patients.”

Julianne Misra
Business Manager
The OM Center Chiropractic & Wellness

We know chiropractic business.


Kaizenovate was founded to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and practitioners.

We firmly believe that as our tribe of customers experience success, the chiropractic profession will too. In addition to elevating the profession through customer and patient success, we also seek to support vital institutions financially. When you make an investment in your business, you can benefit both Chiro Congress AND your state association. Use the link below and we will donate funds to BOTH institutions.

CEO Dr. Jay Greenstein is an innovator and thought leader in healthcare, serving the Chiropractic profession for over 25 years.

Take the first step to freedom.