Coronavirus Playbook

This playbook was created with you in mind and is in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. As a company, and people living through this just like you are, we are committed to providing our Tribe with as many tools and options as possible to navigate this turbulent time. Review and implement the contents below, which will provide you and your team with an extraordinary opportunity to differentiate your brand and create substantial impact to your community.

  • Personal Wellbeing

    • Daily Journaling can increase your focus on the good in your life. (Use the 5 minute journal app)

    • Exercising for 30 minutes each day can boost your mood and immune system. (Take advantage of various platforms: Aaptiv / Peloton / Fiton / Sworkit / Kaizo X)

    • Personal budgeting can help you prepare for any financial hurdles you are facing. (Check out Mint to help you keep track and manage spending)

    • Mediating can help you stay focused in the moment and handle stress (checkout Headspace which is offering their Plus platform FREE for the rest of 2020 for all healthcare professionals)

    • Mental wellbeing goes a long way in times like these. (You can use the Happify platform to promote free daily content around simple and effective solutions)

  • Personnel

    • Having a policy is crucial to help your personnel navigate the changes that your organization is facing given the outbreak. (Use this template for your own organization)

  • Patients

    • Connect with your patients who can’t come in physically with telehealth solutions. We have secured this free offer for our Tribe for 30 days. Sign-up will be easy – use this link and code: Kaizen30 to get set-up.

    • Web Exercises has agreed to provide our Tribe with a 30-day free trial of the WebEx platform so you can support your patients while they are unable to be seen in your office. Use this link and code: KaizenFree30 to sign up.

  • Providers

    • Keep track of referral sources. Have a staff member reach out weekly and track your communication with those sources using this template for tracking

  • Practice

    • Review both Federal and local resources in case you need to acquire a small business loan.

Branding in Chiropractic

What better time to work ON your business than during this time of quarantines and self-isolation? In today’s Masterclass, we dive into the topic of Branding in healthcare, and more specifically in Chiropractic. Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed during this Masterclass:

  • Brand Differentiation: How is your practice standing out from the competition? Learn how to identify the unique offerings that make YOUR practice one of a kind.

  • Customer Decision Making: Customers buy from brands they Know, Like and trust. Learn how to position your practice in a way that connects with your audience.

  • Finding Your Brand: Whether you’re a solo practitioner or one of several Docs in your practice, identifying and leveraging your Brand will thrust you to new levels.

  • Differentiating Your Practice: Do you have a clear strategy to ensure your practice stands out? We’ll discuss the key elements behind branding: Values, Traits and Personalities.

  • Brand Messaging Cheatsheet: Did you complete our Branding Guide? If you haven’t we urge you to do so immediately after watching this Masterclass.

  • Next Steps + Homework: Leave the Masterclass with 3 Steps that will get you on the right path to branding your practice and elevating your presence in your community.

We hope you enjoy this Masterclass and, as always, feel free to provide us with feedback and drop questions for our team! Stay safe everyone!

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