Growth: Standing Out in 2020

Join us as we explore growth and differentiation strategies for Chiropractors in the first episode of our Masterclass Webinars. In this Masterclass you will learn about the 3 KEY areas of opportunity for Chiropractors: Digital Marketing (on a budget), Patient Engagement and Brand Awareness.

We walk you through our proven Growth Guide, which can be downloaded for free here, and discuss how to implement each of the sections in YOUR practice.

What you’ll learn:

  • 6:00 – The 5 levels of Patient Acquisition 

  • 8:35 – Digital Marketing + Chiropractic

  • 18:20 – Why Instagram is a gold mine 

  • 23:00 – Finding your brand

  • 27:30 – How To: Facebook Ads

  • 31:00 – The SECRET to getting followers

  • 36:00 – WHAT to post and when to post

  • 41:20 – 3 action steps to grow today

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