Get Your Head In the Game – Mindset Mastery


If there was ever a time to invest in mastering our mind, now is the time. The world and healthcare are changing at a rapid rate. We have to put in the work. It’s not just about thinking. It’s about behaving. It’s about acting. All of the concepts discussed in this Leadership Masterclass come from behavioral science. It is evidence-based content around how we can truly have mindset mastery. Dr. Jay Greenstein talks about his mindset and his experiences, your mindset and your experiences, and how to make better decisions as business owners and clinicians.


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In this Masterclass on Mindset Mastery, you will learn about:

0:30 – The Why

3:57 – Five mindset mastery constructs overview

6:58 – Mindset Mastery Construct #1 – Stoicism

12:54 – Lesson #1: Obstacles are the way – pay attention to the lessons life is teaching us!

13:04 – Mindset Mastery Construct #2 – Personal Development in Neuroscience

29:27 – Lesson #2: Understand your beliefs and make a new decision!

29:44 – Mindset Mastery Construct #3 – The Science of Adaptability

41:00 – Lesson #3: Build your adaptability skill set, take action, pivot when necessary and be persistent.

41:11 – Mindset Mastery Construct #4 – Habit Building

47:27 – Lesson #4: Create ONE tiny habit and build it into your life through persistence!

47:37 – Mindset Mastery Construct #5 – Grit

51:39 – Lesson #5: Build your grittiness by…

54:15 – Summary

57:03 – Resources


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