Building Locker Room Leaders – Team Engagement & Culture


Dr. Jay has talked a lot about these concepts over the years but this is the first time putting it all together in a webinar. This is really about creating leaders inside your practice and organization. In this Leadership Masterclass, Dr. Jay Greenstein talks about building locker room leaders, including 4 really important concepts. These include culture, hiring, how to onboard and train people, and how to take a great individual contributor and turn them into all-stars.


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In this Masterclass on Building Locker Room Leaders, you will learn about:

1:06 – Agenda

2:27 – First Quarter: Clear locker room culture, mission, and core values

12:54 – Second Quarter: The Draft (first who, then what)

32:50 – Third Quarter: Training Camp (turning Rookies into players)

34:50 – Fourth Quarter: Game Time (turning players into All-Stars)

50:36 – Summary

51:55 – Connect with Dr. Jay

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