Game Film Review – Getting Ready for Next Season


In this lesson, Dr. Jay wants to show you the importance of reflecting on what happened in 2021 and preparing for 2022. Dr. Jay is always surprised when he talks with chiropractors about their strategic planning just to find out that none of it is happening. What he wants to accomplish in this webinar is to give you a framework in which you can not only reflect on what happened in 2021 but also how you can leverage that to build traction moving forward.

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In this Masterclass, Dr. Jay will go over 10 simple steps that you can follow to get ready for the next season:  

1:56 – Step1: Meet With Your Team

3:48 – Step 2: Good news!

4:41 – Step 3: Scorecard KPIs

9:11 – Step 4: 2021 Accomplishments

21:37 – Step 6: Learning Exercise

24:48 – Step 7: Issue List

31:38 – Step 8: next quarter SMART Rocks

32:57 – Step 9: Set up weekly L10

38:36 – Step 10: Conclude and Rate

39:49 – 2022 Changes

41:40 – Special Offer


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