TMD: Drop me a beat

TMD: Drop me a beat

Two Minute Drill: Drop Me a Beat


This week’s Two Minute Drill is a little different. It is a clip from a recent presentation Dr. Jay did with BlueIQ titled, “Six Sigma Leadership: X-Factors to Success”. At the end of the presentation, he performed a rap that he wrote about leadership.

Yes, a rap. You don’t want to miss this week’s TMD.


Step out of your comfort zone

Dr. Jay stepped out of his comfort zone during his recent presentation. He pushed his boundaries and did something to challenge himself as a leader and as a presenter.

He gives a lot of presentations throughout the year but wanted to challenge himself and push to bring a more engaging experience to the audience.

How did he do?

What are you going to do this week to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you are going to do this week to push your boundaries as a leader.


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TMD: Did I wipe out?

TMD: Did I wipe out?

Two Minute Drill: Did I wipe out?


Dr. Jay just finished a two hour surfing lesson at Mondo’s Beach in Ventura, CA. Did he wipe out? Listen to this week’s TMD to hear about his experience surfing and what lessons it taught him.


Keep working on the process

Dr. Jay took a two hour surfing lesson at Mondo’s Beach. He had a great time but at the beginning he fell over and over and over again. But he thought about the process, “Where are my feet, where is my balance, where is my placement on the board” and he just kept working on the process and then inputs.

Ultimately he was able to get up and ride some waves, which was super fun! He is not a professional surfer, not even close (his words : ) but you know what, he had fun. He didn’t get upset about what was happening when he was failing and falling, he just kept working at the process and he got better and better over time.

So, think about where you are falling over and over and over again in your practice and find ways to look at the process, look at the inputs, make changes, check your balance, and then find ways to be successful.

It will work, just keep at it. Do not get discouraged, keep at it, work on the process and you’ll get there.

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what keeps making you fall and how you are going to change the inputs to create success.


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TMD: Tyranny

TMD: Tyranny

Two Minute Drill: Tyranny


Dr. Jay is in beautiful California for this week’s Two Minute Drill. Only 3 days after July 4th Dr. Jay is talking about tyranny. In this week’s video, he is talking about the tyrants he is fighting and asking you to think about what tyrants you are dealing with in your life.


Internal and External Tyrants

For Dr. Jay, there are two tyrants he is dealing with, one internal and one external.

Internal is that self-doubt, that fear, that he may not be able to achieve everything I am trying to achieve. The only way he knows how to fight that is through education and learning. So every time he gets that feeling of “I’m not going to get to that goal, I’m not going to achieve that thing”, he tries to learn more.

For the external tyrant, as some of you know well third-party payers, third-party administrators, insurance companies, and the like. Dr. Jay has spent the better part of the last two decades fighting these tyrants and at the end of the day he has had some successes and he has had some failures. The only thing that he knows how to do is to pivot and try something new.

So, what are the tyrants in your life? What are the internal tyrants, internal voices you are struggling with? What are those external tyrants that you have dealt with for a long time and maybe you need to pivot and do something different to achieve your goal?

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what tyrants you are in your life and how you are fighting them.


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TMD: Take 1,652

TMD: Take 1,652

Two Minute Drill: Take 1,652


Dr. Jay is continuing the conversation on locker room leaders but focusing on the leader, YOU. How are you measuring your effectiveness as a leader? Listen to this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear how you can use a simple survey to measure your employee engagement.


The Q12

There is a simple way to measure your effectiveness as a leader, the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. The Q12 was developed by Gallup (they know a thing or two about surveying people). They developed the survey to focus on employee engagement. It is literally 12 questions that help you identify what level of engagement you have with your team. It also measures your level of effectiveness as a leader and tells you how you are doing.

Dr. Jay has been running this survey in the Kaizo Health clinics since 2009. When they started, their scores were not very good. They were as low as 3.7 out of 5 (5 being the best you can do). They were hovering around 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 for a few years. They then spent a lot of time working on the business and how they could improve the culture based on the feedback from these surveys.

The last two surveys they’ve run are now 4.3/5. That’s good but you measure to improve not to impress. When they ran it this past year they sat down with the teams and discussed the lower scores, areas for opportunity, and how they could improve their experience. It was great. Each one of the clinic teams gave really great feedback. The really cool thing is that they trusted them enough to give really direct feedback (the survey is anonymous but in person, they were able to get a lot more detail). Dr. Jay was able to walk away from each one of those meetings with action items to improve their experience.

Why is this important?

Like Dr. Jay said, if you give a sh*t about your people then you want them to have a great experience, so primarily you should do it because you actually care about your people. Secondarily what we know from large data sets, is that there is a direct statistical correlation between employee engagement and patient engagement and satisfaction.

If you want to give your patients a remarkable experience you start with your team. Grab the Q12 survey from here, go to survey monkey and set up an anonymous survey, put the questions in, send to your team and ask for open and honest feedback, and then sit down with your team and identify areas of opportunity based on specific scores.

We promise it will have a great impact for you, your team, and your patients. It will take your practice to the next level.


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Leadership Secrets For Success Masterclass: Building Locker Room Leaders

Leadership Secrets For Success Masterclass: Building Locker Room Leaders

Building Locker Room Leaders – Team Engagement & Culture


Dr. Jay has talked a lot about these concepts over the years but this is the first time putting it all together in a webinar. This is really about creating leaders inside your practice and organization. In this Leadership Masterclass, Dr. Jay Greenstein talks about building locker room leaders, including 4 really important concepts. These include culture, hiring, how to onboard and train people, and how to take a great individual contributor and turn them into all-stars.


Watch our previous masterclass on creating success in 2021 here.


In this Masterclass on Building Locker Room Leaders, you will learn about:

1:06 – Agenda

2:27 – First Quarter: Clear locker room culture, mission, and core values

12:54 – Second Quarter: The Draft (first who, then what)

32:50 – Third Quarter: Training Camp (turning Rookies into players)

34:50 – Fourth Quarter: Game Time (turning players into All-Stars)

50:36 – Summary

51:55 – Connect with Dr. Jay

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TMD: Football Helmet Addict

TMD: Football Helmet Addict

Two Minute Drill: Football Helmet Addict


This week Dr. Jay is bringing you the Two Minute Drill from his basement, surrounded by A LOT of football helmets. These helmets are autographed by hall of fame players from the NFL. These are the inspiration for this week’s TMD, where Dr. Jay is talking about what it takes to build winning teams.


Watch the Leadership Masterclass

Combination of talent and commitment

What does it take to build a winning team? The combination of talent and commitment.

We are always looking for talent but many times what trumps talent is the commitment to do whatever it takes to win. When we bring people into the organization you can feel their commitment.

You can see their talent but can feel their commitment. When people don’t share the same level of commitment that you have for your practice and patients you can feel it. When that happens it’s time to make a decision to help move them on to their next best position.

When you bring someone into your organization with talent and commitment, follow the steps discussed in the webinar in order to help them achieve their best self which helps you achieve your best practice

If you missed the June Masterclass on how you can build locker room leaders you can watch it here, as well as any of our other Masterclasses.

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