Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

Join us for this month’s Masterclass, as Dr. Jay Greenstein and Lucas Braga take you through a step by step process for building engaging Ads on Facebook.

As healthcare evolves into a Buyer’s market, the need to connect with your patients and community is greater than ever and tools like Facebook Ads provide a great opportunity for Chiropractors to get their message out.

However, they can also be an expensive initiative if your Ads are not optimized for maximal ROI (the topic of our last Masterclass), and just knowing a few minor tricks can greatly reduce your cost and improve your chance to bring real patients into your practice.

In this Masterclass you will learn how to:

  • Find and connect with New Patients for under $10

  • Leverage your existing contacts into Custom Audiences

  • Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to drive down your Ad cost

We have also provided you with a FREE download of the step by step process so you don’t miss a beat when creating your personalized Facebook ads!

Free Download

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In this month’s Masterclass, join Dr. Jay Greenstein and Lucas Braga as they discuss how to maximize your ROI. Learn how to accurately determine your marketing return, the key differences between Return on Ad Spend vs ROI and how to turn your sinking ship into a growth machine.

What you’ll learn:

Metrics that Matter

  • Set Your Goals

  • Track Your Metrics

Organic Acquisition

  • Know your brand, audience and values

  • All you need to know about influencers

  • Take advantage of partnerships

  • The best ways to live stream

Calculating Marketing ROI

  • Know what you’re spending your money on

  • How to calculate return on your marketing expenses

  • How to track everything

Steps to Get Started

  • Identify needs

  • Find your influencers

  • Learn how to track

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First Who:

  • How do you know they are the right people?

    • Align with the core values

    • have the required skillset

    • enjoy working with them

  • Step 1: Review Core Values

    • who you are

    • what you believe

    • how you believe

  • Step 2: Rate your team on the value vs performance matrix

  • Step 3: Identify timeline for improvement

  • Step 4: Prepare for performance discussion

  • Step 5: Sit down and go there

Then What

  • Are the in the right seat?

  • Accountability Chart

  • GWC – get it, want it, capacity to do it

  • Purpose



In this Masterclass, Dr. Jay Greenstein and Lucas Braga cover 3 important elements of content creation. They discuss how to implement the specific steps necessary for generating engaging content and nurturing your leads so your digital marketing efforts lead to maximum results.

We provide you with a Worksheet that offers details and tips for how to effectively implement strategic and consistent processes for your content creation and growing your practice.

Content Creation:

  • Content Planning

    • what

    • who

    • when

  • Content Creation

    • Setting

    • Subjects

    • Media

  • Content Delivery

    • Platform Nativity

    • Timing

    • Captions

  • Engagement and Lead Creation

    • Friction-less Content

    • Eager to Engage

    • Capturing Leads

  • Lead Management

    • Get Organized

    • Automation is King

    • 25/50/25 rule

  • Patient Acquisition

    • Remarkable Experiences

    • Adherence to Treatment Plan

    • Exponential Growth

Process Implementation

  • First Who, Then What

  • Job Description

  • Weekly “Stand Ups”

  • Weekly 1:1’s

  • Kaizenovate!

Download Worksheet



In this Masterclass, Dr. Jay Greenstein and Lucas Braga discuss industry shifts in patient acquisition and the necessary steps Chiropractors must take to become a staple in their communities.

We discuss the difference between the ‘Brick and Mortar’ way of acquiring patients: calling local doctors, attorneys, etc, and the innovative ways available through Digital Marketing.

We provide you with a Worksheet that assesses your Digital Readiness and offers actionable steps to scale your online patient acquisition

We go in-depth into:.

  • Reviews

  • Text Messaging

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

And also discuss critical elements of SEO, what we refer to your brand’s Digital Roots:

  • Listings

  • Paid Ads

  • Recruitment Sites

So, kick back and check out the Masterclass in its entirety!

Download Worksheet



Dr. Jay gives a masterclass on leading through a crisis, using the recent COVID-19 pandemic as a case study. In this masterclass you’ll learn about the importance of your “north star”, as well as the difference between “leadership” and “management”.

In the masterclass Dr. Jay covers the 7 P’s of the Leadership Through Crisis Playbook

Positive Mindset

With a crisis, we are often overwhelmed by external input. It is critical to ensure that you are prepared to respond to that input by compartmentalizing the negative emotions so that you can focus on solutions. Dr. Jay reviews the 5 primary drivers of decision making – beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, results. It’s also critical to build a growth mindset in order to be open to . Grit, also vital, is the intersection of passion and perseverance.


Taking care of your personal well-being in a time of crisis is essential for you to perform and lead those around you (think putting the air mask on yourself first before helping those around you) Check out these resources


Clear, consistent, honest communication is key. Have a plan in place to handle compensation, possible layoffs, and resources for your employees. Use question storming with your staff to creatively come up with solutions leveraging your collective brain power. Bring your employees into the ethical decisions you are being forced to make during the crisis.

  • Checkout this example policy and feel free to edit/tailor it to your unique needs


Make sure to be connecting with your patients empathetically (not just to get them rescheduled) Leverage telehealth platforms to help patients who cannot come into your place of business.

  • Telehealth: We have secured a free 30 day trial for you – use this link and code: Kaizen30 to get set-up.

  • Online Exercises: We have secured a 30-day free trial for you of the WebEx platform – use this link and code: KaizenFree30 to sign up.

  • Text Messaging services (Zingit, Sked, Reviewwave)

  • Kanvas App – be there for your patient at their fingertips with you own customized mobile app


Make sure to stay connected with all of your referral sources (call, email, fax). Followup on relevant patients, and offer any telehealth or online classes you have.


If you find yourself in need of a small business loan, check both federal and local options.


EXECUTE. EXECUTE. EXECUTE. There are many great ideas presented in this masterclass, but without execution and action, they will sure you NO purpose. Make sure that you are create a plan and then implementing the plan to see the necessary benefits and change.

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Growth: Standing Out in 2020

Join us as we explore growth and differentiation strategies for Chiropractors in the first episode of our Masterclass Webinars. In this Masterclass you will learn about the 3 KEY areas of opportunity for Chiropractors: Digital Marketing (on a budget), Patient Engagement and Brand Awareness.

We walk you through our proven Growth Guide, which can be downloaded for free here, and discuss how to implement each of the sections in YOUR practice.

What you’ll learn:

  • 6:00 – The 5 levels of Patient Acquisition 

  • 8:35 – Digital Marketing + Chiropractic

  • 18:20 – Why Instagram is a gold mine 

  • 23:00 – Finding your brand

  • 27:30 – How To: Facebook Ads

  • 31:00 – The SECRET to getting followers

  • 36:00 – WHAT to post and when to post

  • 41:20 – 3 action steps to grow today

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Coronavirus Playbook

This playbook was created with you in mind and is in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. As a company, and people living through this just like you are, we are committed to providing our Tribe with as many tools and options as possible to navigate this turbulent time. Review and implement the contents below, which will provide you and your team with an extraordinary opportunity to differentiate your brand and create substantial impact to your community.

  • Personal Wellbeing

    • Daily Journaling can increase your focus on the good in your life. (Use the 5 minute journal app)

    • Exercising for 30 minutes each day can boost your mood and immune system. (Take advantage of various platforms: Aaptiv / Peloton / Fiton / Sworkit / Kaizo X)

    • Personal budgeting can help you prepare for any financial hurdles you are facing. (Check out Mint to help you keep track and manage spending)

    • Mediating can help you stay focused in the moment and handle stress (checkout Headspace which is offering their Plus platform FREE for the rest of 2020 for all healthcare professionals)

    • Mental wellbeing goes a long way in times like these. (You can use the Happify platform to promote free daily content around simple and effective solutions)

  • Personnel

    • Having a policy is crucial to help your personnel navigate the changes that your organization is facing given the outbreak. (Use this template for your own organization)

  • Patients

    • Connect with your patients who can’t come in physically with telehealth solutions. We have secured this free offer for our Tribe for 30 days. Sign-up will be easy – use this link and code: Kaizen30 to get set-up.

    • Web Exercises has agreed to provide our Tribe with a 30-day free trial of the WebEx platform so you can support your patients while they are unable to be seen in your office. Use this link and code: KaizenFree30 to sign up.

  • Providers

    • Keep track of referral sources. Have a staff member reach out weekly and track your communication with those sources using this template for tracking

  • Practice

    • Review both Federal and local resources in case you need to acquire a small business loan.

Branding in Chiropractic

What better time to work ON your business than during this time of quarantines and self-isolation? In today’s Masterclass, we dive into the topic of Branding in healthcare, and more specifically in Chiropractic. Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed during this Masterclass:

  • Brand Differentiation: How is your practice standing out from the competition? Learn how to identify the unique offerings that make YOUR practice one of a kind.

  • Customer Decision Making: Customers buy from brands they Know, Like and trust. Learn how to position your practice in a way that connects with your audience.

  • Finding Your Brand: Whether you’re a solo practitioner or one of several Docs in your practice, identifying and leveraging your Brand will thrust you to new levels.

  • Differentiating Your Practice: Do you have a clear strategy to ensure your practice stands out? We’ll discuss the key elements behind branding: Values, Traits and Personalities.

  • Brand Messaging Cheatsheet: Did you complete our Branding Guide? If you haven’t we urge you to do so immediately after watching this Masterclass.

  • Next Steps + Homework: Leave the Masterclass with 3 Steps that will get you on the right path to branding your practice and elevating your presence in your community.

We hope you enjoy this Masterclass and, as always, feel free to provide us with feedback and drop questions for our team! Stay safe everyone!

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Hey everybody, this is Dr. Jay coming to you from Hollywood Beach, Florida. Literally this is the fifth city that I’ve been in in the last 17 days. I’ve been traveling around the country teaching about the intersection of technology, healthcare, and chiropractic and so I just want to share some of that with you all today.

And by the way speaking of sharing, I think I’ll share the view with you. Is this not beautiful? Check out the ocean! I think I might even see South Beach all the way down there, that’s pretty cool.

So anyway, let’s talk about creating the practice of the future and that really revolves around technology. And there are three M’s that come to mind.

  1. Markerless Cameras. We use 3d markerless cameras in our practice to be able to identify faulty movement patterns in our patients that otherwise the human eye could not pick up. We use two different technologies -one is called Woodway the second is called Kinetisense – great companies. Check them out. If we can use technology to identify things that the human eye can’t pick up we’re going to get better outcomes with our patients.
  2. Money. You know what people are afraid to talk about money. “Oh I don’t wanna talk about money, I just care about my patients.” Oh of course we care about our patients, that’s why we got into what we got into. But at the end of the day we deserve to be paid for the value that we’re delivering. And we know that there are forces in play, specifically third party payers and third party administrators that don’t want to pay us for the value that we’re delivering. So how do we fight back and get our money? We fight back by using data and analytics. So we use a company called Infinedi – they’re a claims clearing house, but they’re more than that because they help us identify very clearly in aggregate when a payer is not paying us correctly, inappropriate bundling, which codes are getting inappropriately bundled and when. So data and analytics really is about making sure that we have the money to build the practice of the future.
  3. Mobile. You know what, we’ve got to meet patients where they are and that’s on their phones. We know that 40% of the population only search the web on a mobile device. We also know that engagement with mobile apps is better than patients using a laptop or even a mobile optimized website. So how do we engage patients with mobile apps? Well there’s lots of ways to do that. First of all, they’re using mobile apps all the time and they’re probably they’re probably importing or they have some of their health data on the mobile apps, so ask them to share that information with you. There’s also ways that we can engage patients to improve adherence to their care plans using mobile apps, to improve their scheduling, to improve their compliance, there’s all things that we can do to improve patients outcomes and experiences using mobile apps. So think about ways that we can use mobile apps, talk to your patients about it, and talk to us about it too because we found some ways that we can use mobile apps to improve adherence and experiences as well.

So that’s it. It’s all about markerless cameras, making sure we make the money that we deserve to make by the value that we’re delivering through the use of data and analytics, and meeting patients where they are on their mobile device.

So here it is from South Florida wishing you all the best success in building and creating the practice of the future. I’m super excited for it and I hope to see y’all soon.