He has owned and operated his own chain of practices for over 25 years. From that experience he’s faced every challenge in the space and grown from each. In addition to his business acumen, he’s given back to the profession by serving on multiple boards and affiliations. He believes that in addition to serving the patients in his own practice, he can also help patients outside his network by helping their doctors learn and grow. As a result, he now works to help other doctors overcome the challenges they face.

We Offer

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We are committed to helping you develop your business. We offer virtual or onsite strategic planning sessions, marketing and brand growth sessions, Lean Six Sigma (Process Improvement) sessions, and leadership and human capital development sessions.

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We work to develop the profession and pass on our learned knowledge. From continuing education to nonprofit events, we cover a wide range of topics. We work to educate about the impact of include technology in healthcare, best rehab practices, addressing insurance hurdles and more. You can find us speaking nationally and abroad!

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We are also committed to bringing you the best and most pertinent courses to your clinical practice. Not only do we provide Functional Rehab training courses, but we also provide training to completely Kaizenovate your practice as a whole.


  • “Dr. Jay Greenstein has been a huge asset to our organization for over 6 years. His advice and recommendations allowed our organization to expand into the Chiropractic market far faster than initially expected. His eye for detail has helped us to implement necessary changes to our product making the division more efficient and profitable. In many aspects, we owe a lot of our initial success in the industry to Dr. Jay Greenstein.”
    — Liz Baker, Senior Business Development Manager, Intuit
  • Working with Jay over the last few years has been a great experience. He will challenge you and force you to step outside your comfort zone, but his insight is incredibly valuable. A short conversation with Jay can save you months of wheel spinning. Working with Jay has yielded an incredible return on investment. What’s more, is that as my practice grows, so does my vision. My practice is now 3 times larger than it was when I met Jay. I am busier, I help more people, I deliver better patient care- what more could you ask for?!
    — Sam Spillman, DC
  • 100% of the doctors who attended Dr. Greenstein’s leadership session at our Spring 2014 Convention gave it the highest possible scoring for both his speaking ability and the quality of his content... and his energy is second to none. If you want to wake your attendees up, inspire them, give them practical tools they can take back to their offices, and have them leave with a smile, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Greenstein.
    — Julie Connolly, Executive Director, Virginia Chiropractic Association
  • I have had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Greenstein speak twice, once at COCSA and once for Washington States midyear conference, about the coming changes in health care and how as Chiropractors we can be active and participating in providing our health services best to our communities. I appreciated the amount of material, the authority with which he shared information, his willingness to provide notes, references and action steps that can be used by the rank and file chiropractor to improve his practice. He is definitely a quality speaker that could teach any health care group.
    — Dr. Avery N. Martin, immediate past president of Washington State Chiropractic Association