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Did you know that audiences love Dr. Jay? He typically scores better than 4.7/5 with them!

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  • "We strive to get innovative, entertaining, knowledgeable and unique speakers for our annual convention. Dr. Jay Greenstein is all of those! His presentation style is energizing and interactive ... Your audience will leave with clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to implement his session material. He is Terrific!"
    — Amy Hardin, former Executive Director, COCSA
  • “Dr. Jay Greenstein is one of a kind! ... Our doctors left his class with more knowledge on how to use clinical guidelines and research evidence to communicate medical necessity and so much more. Dr. Jay is dynamic, motivating and had the whole group filled with energy.”
    — Barbara A. Contessa, Executive Director, New York Chiropractic Council
  • “Throughout my diverse professional career, I have ... worked directly with a variety of speakers, ranging from the likes of Ted Turner to Bill Marriott to Colin Powell and many, many others. ... I easily rank Jay as among the top 5 speakers I have ever witnessed. ... From start to finish, an exceptional speaker, with an exceptionally provocative and important message.”
    — Edward L. Nielsen, Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
  • I have had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Greenstein speak twice, once at COCSA and once for Washington States midyear conference, about the coming changes in health care and how as Chiropractors we can be active and participating in providing our health services best to our communities. I appreciated the amount of material, the authority with which he shared information, his willingness to provide notes, references and action steps that can be used by the rank and file chiropractor to improve his practice. He is definitely a quality speaker that could teach any health care group.
    — Dr. Avery N. Martin, immediate past president of Washington State Chiropractic Association
  • “ Dr. Greenstein provided a fast-paced, engaging seminar with humor and new ideas for expanding the penetration of chiropractic in the community-one relationship at a time. ”
    — Lori Grassi, Executive Director and Lobbyist, Washington State Chiro Association
  • "100% of the doctors who attended Dr. Greenstein’s leadership session at our Spring 2014 Convention gave it the highest possible scoring for both his speaking ability and the quality of his content... and his energy is second to none. If you want to wake your attendees up, inspire them, give them practical tools they can take back to their offices, and have them leave with a smile, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Greenstein."
    — Julie Connolly, Executive Director, Virginia Chiropractic Association