John brings his engineering and unique technical experience to the team. He leads the development and implementation of all projects created and tailored for clients to kaizenovate their practice. His background in engineering, business, and patient rehabilitation gives him unique insight to solve a practice’s specific pain points. John uses his technical experience to help practices improve their workflow, patient retention, and patient experience through mobile software and product solutions. He ensures that the client’s needs are met at all stages of development, from initial engagement to implementation and maintenance.

John received his Biomedical Engineering undergraduate degree and Business minor from the University of Virginia, where he graduated with highest honors. His research interests at the university were targeted to product and device development, the musculoskeletal system and nutrition. John has practice in mathematical modeling from his time spent at the National Institutes of Health’s Laboratory for Biological Modeling. His experience in data analytics and software development come from his time spent working for a niche trading firm. John has also spent hands-on time in the Sport and Spine Rehab clinics working to translate tech products and solutions to improve the patient experience and outcomes. While in the clinics he also spent time with patients conducting research for the Sport and Spine Clinical Research Foundation.